Robotive s.r.o. also cooperates with a secondary school
Secondary School – Podorlice Educational Centre in Dobruška.

Students are introduced to programming industrial robots at an advanced level. The teaching of robotics is enriched with real applications from industry, which will give pupils a practical introduction to Industry 4.0. We do not close the door to creativity and meaningful ideas, which is why our lecturers present very interesting projects to the students, which you can watch the video below.

Visual Studio & KUKA KR6 Agilus

Our first attempt to connect Visual Basic with the KUKA industrial robot. The application consists of programming in a .NET environment that generates a drawn trajectory for the robot. The robot can position the TCP (Tool Center Point) towards precise positions after performing basic settings such as assigning Cartesian coordinates to the tool and base. If the robot uses a descriptor as TCP, a separate system rendering the image is created.

Image Processing

The application is based on image processing and the recognition of individual color pixels. Add to this the appropriate setting of parameters such as a tool (drill) diameter, gap size and image size and you have a tool for drilling any shape.

Vacuum Palletization

Moving objects with compressed air is very common in industry. The sensors used to distinguish the size and presence of a hockey puck grant the solution a variety of options that allow us to influence the course of the program.