About us

Robotive s.r.o. was founded for the purpose of programming industrial robots and PLC systems. The company provides its business partners with solutions in the field of industrial automation, which, in addition to programming, also include the basic parameterization and calibration of robots, recovery and commissioning, the optimization of processes in terms of quality and production cycles, etc.

We strive for the quick but efficient executions of tasks to develop robotic power in the production of modern automobiles. The quality and reliability of our services are proven by the successfully completed projects, where client satisfaction is our first priority.

Our skilled team of programmers is constantly trained in the latest technologies, which makes us your ideal partner.

We offer you the programming of industrial robots:

  • KUKA KR C2

  • KUKA KR C4


  • ABB IRC5

  • FANUC R-30iA/B